Prospective Puppy Owner Questionnaire
Due to updates, if this form doesn't submit, please contact us
at and let us know.
Thank you for your interest in acquiring a puppy from Shimmering Labradors. We take great pride in our puppies
and consider them an extension of our family. It is important to us to get to know each of our prospective new
puppy owners so that we can ensure we provide you with a puppy that will fill your world with many years of
joy and companionship. Please take just a moment to complete the questionnaire and tell us about yourself.
Prospective Owner s Name:
Zip code:
What gender of puppy are you interested in?
What color of puppy are you interested in?
For what purpose(s) are you interested in a
Labrador Retriever?
If you chose "other"
please explain.
Have you owned own other dogs?
If yes, what breeds have you owned?
What attracted you to this breed and color of dog?
What books or reference material have you read
about Labradors, and/or Dog care?
What other animals do you currently own?
Do you have children?
If yes, please list their ages.
Is anyone in the family
allergic to dogs?
Who will be the primary
Where will the puppy spend the day?
Will this puppy have regular contact
with family during the day?
Your residence is:
Are you willing to properly socialize
your puppy or attend obedience classes?
Are you aware that your Labrador
will require daily exercise?
Are you aware that the life span of a
Labrador is 10 - 15 years
Have you ever trained a dog before?
Do you understand the difference
between Limited and Full Registration?
What type of Registration are
you interested in?
Are you tired of answering all these questions?
How did you find out about Shimmering Labradors?
Is there anything else you feel it is
important for us to know about you?
Thank you! I know filling this out takes time but these puppies are like our babies.
We want to ensure that our puppies only go to people who are ready and willing to
provide our babies with the nurturing love and support they will need.