Purchasing Information

When Purchasing from Shimmering Labradors Your puppy will go home with...

Up to date de-worming and vaccinations

Complete Health Record Written Health Guarantee

New Puppy Starter Kit (not with adult dogs)

Lifetime Commitment From Breeder

Our dogs have the English appearance with the large block heads, thick otter-like tails, and stocky bodies.

All dogs are sold with Limited AKC Registration. This type of Registration is for a pet that will be registered with the AKC. Any puppies produced from the pet will not be registerable. We no longer offer Full Registration to anyone in the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, or Virginia. Outside of those states, we only offer Full Registration to pre-approved established breeders for an additional $400.00.

Shimmering Labradors requires a $250 non-refundable deposit to hold your puppy/dog. Puppy picks are made at 5 weeks of age in the order of deposits received. Deposits can be transferred to another litter upon request. Deposits will be transferred to the next available litter if the color/sex is not born (this includes false/loss of/non pregnancy with the bitch) in the current litter that you have placed your deposit on unless you decide to choose a different puppy which is available from the litter. Should you choose not to transfer your deposit to the next available litter in the event your choice of puppy was not born or the bitch had a false/loss of/non pregnancy, and you've decided not to choose a different puppy from the current litter, you forfeit your deposit amount.

Through the years we have learned that there are going to be times when things happen that are out of our control and only God knows why. Please be aware that deposits are non refundable. It is our intention to provide every family with the healthy and loving family member that they have entrusted us to provide. Sometimes, things happen with a litter that we cannot control and your deposit may have to be moved to a future litter. Sometimes, it can take a opportunity available to us to procure the puppy of your dreams but we do not refund deposits. If you feel you cannot be ok with this then we may not be the breeder for you.

Raising puppies is not about the money for us. At Shimmering Labradors, we have a total of 8 Labradors that we care for. Four of these are non-breeding pets. Approximately 90% of the money that comes into our Kennel is spent to care for our dogs and upgrade their facilities. Breeding for us is about providing families with healthy, happy, beautiful, well tempered puppies that are going to bring joy and happiness to their families for many years. If you are not willing to wait for that, then once again, we may not be the breeder for you.

ALL buyer's are required to sign a Puppy Sales Agreement prior to receiving their puppy's AKC registration papers. This includes new owners and co-owners. I take the care of my puppies very seriously, which is the reason for such an in-depth Puppy Sales Agreement. I have NO intentions of invading your privacy, but if you are not going to take the best care of your puppy/dog and give it everything it needs to live a long and healthy life, you need to find another breeder to buy from.