Shimmerings Sterling Silver Tonto

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Meet The Girls of
Shimmering Labradors
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Meet our "non"
Labrador family!
Wiggles is our 4 year old
pappillon. She is tiny but thinks
that she is just as big as her
Labrador sisters.
Nuka is Steve's baby. He is a Siberian Husky
that has been a part of our family for 12 years.
Frosty is our 7 year old
Maltese. He loves people
and lots of attention!
Shimmerings Chantilly Chablis

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was retired. Now she remains as a faithful
friend and loving pet.

Midnight was to be a part of our breeding
program but she developed an eye disorder
called entrophy. She has undergone surgery
to correct her disorder and is now the picture
of perfect health. We would love to find
Midnight a loving pet home but until that
family comes along, she continues to stay
with us at Shimmerings.
Shimmering's Queen of Sheba

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