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Onyx with her latest litter
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Onyx's last
litter 1-1-12
Onyx's Second Litter
Feb. 2011
Onyx's First Litter
August 2010
Jeff Hall and Christine Roller’s family along with a new brother named Ryder. This is what
Christine had to say about their new baby:

We have had quite a busy few months since Baxter joined our family. So far Baxter has made 2
trips to NY, 1 to the beach & 1 to his grandparents in SC this past weekend. Baxter’s first weekend
at home we traveled just outside of Elizabethtown where he got to meet & help us choose his
brother Ryder whom is a white lab. So far he has enjoyed numerous days at home with mom, dad,
& his brother Ryder. Baxter & Ryder enjoy doing nearly everything together from taking naps,
walking, & sleeping in the kennel together. Nearly every morning they sit by the door and say
good by to dad and when it’s nearly time for him to come home, they are parked right there
waiting for him. Baxter is such a smart pup. He knows No and as soon as he hears it stops dead in
his tracks, drops what’s in his mouth and waits for me to tell him what he can play with. Baxter
also loves playing with nearly every person or pup he meets. He gets down on the ground, rolls
on to his back and waits for them to come play with him and rub his belly. Both boys listen so well
they walk off leash the majority of the time. Today Baxter went swimming for the first time. He
doesn’t enjoy it quite as much as his brother but does enjoy being in the water to cool off.
Attached are a few pictures of Baxter since he has joined our family. I will try to keep the pictures
Hope all is well with you and your family and thank you for helping brin Baxter into our lives as we
enjoy him so much and couldn’t imagine our lives without him now. Just the other day Jeff said
he wouldn’t trade our pups for even 50 Million dollars, his edition to our family is priceless.
Here are some pictures of Bella. She is doing great. She is keeping the kids
busy running after her. She was a great addition to our family! She is very
smart. She already learned to sit on command. I will keep sending pictures as
she grows. Thanks,
Shana 5-4-11
Driving home
with dad
Meeting the new family!
Bella 5 months
Happy 2nd
Birthday Bella!!
well worth it. We had a great Easter. My parents cam for dinner and my mom who doesn’t like dogs is so in love with Bella. I have never
seen her pet a dog and she loves her too. We are so happy with her. She goes for her vet visit today.
Crystal Griffin 4-24-11
Copper Young
Hi Chase,
Yes we went with Copper!
He is doing great he is
actually sleeping right
now!!!!! He has been doing
so good :) Thank you so
much he is so sweet!!! :) I
just absolutely love him!!
Congratulations on your
Graduation Copper!!
Happy 2nd
Such a prankster and
playful guy! Finding his
voice a little now...he barks
playfully and kinda howls
in the mornings when we
are making coffee. Loves attention and just recently started going int
his dog house. He was just neutered this past Thursday and weighed
in at 39 pounds. He loves to play with his cousin Wrangler, a 120lb
July 22, 2011
Rosie with her new
friend Chester.
doing great. It has taken Chester a little bit to learn that he
can’t play quite so rough. I’m sending a couple of pics, she
Just wanted to send you a note to let you know that Rosie is
has done taken over his box. The kids love her, my son
really likes her brown legs. She went to work with me this
morning at the chicken house, followed behind me, no
problem, even though most of the chickens are bigger than
her. Thanks so much for raising such a great puppy.
Melody Dunn 4-13-11
Hello from Alabama! Sorry took me so long to send an update, took these pictures a couple of weeks ago, then we had a major tornado (about a
mile from our farm). Rosie is doing great & growing like a weed, last week she weighed 18.4 lbs. She has been to the vet, baseball practice & a
game, down to the pond for a swim. Everyone thinks she is just beautiful & can’t get over “those blue eyes”. I just wanted you to know that our
Rosie, everything was organized & ready to go. All the puppies were happy, healthy, & well taken care of. Thanks for all your hard work.
Melody 5-11-11
is what Melody of Aggie Labs had to say when I sent her congratulations
on the pups and asked how Rosie was doing....

Hello Chase! The 5 she has are doing wonderful! I put her with my white
male one time. They are the cutest babies. I didn't think I liked the black
all that well but I think I've changed my mind. Thank you so much for
asking about my Rosie, she is such a good girl.
Our little guy is doing so well!
Brooke 3-10-2012
Thought it had been a while since
I sent you a picture of the not so
little guy! He weighs 35 lbs as of
last week and is very well
behaved... Most of the time ;-)
Hope you and Steve are doing

Brooke 5-21-2012
Splash was a mismarked puppy that was produced by
Onyx. Mismarked puppies are produced when parents
carry the K gene that causes their coats to have a
"Splashed" look. These puppies are everybit one
hundred percent Labrador and possess all of the
qualities that make Labradors amazing dogs they just
have a varied color coat that is not accepted by AKC. He
was still one of the prettiest boys we ever produced. He
now resides with the Martin Family in Colorado.
Splash arrived today!!
goes on her potty pads by the door sometimes she will scratch
the door to go out. I took her to the vet Feb 15th and she weighed
9lbs 4oz. I think she loves us. Sheba, our Shiba Inu, is still
adjusting to a puppy living in the house-Sheba is 9 yrs old and can
be crabby at times.  I have started walking Sadie on a leash today
so she can get use to it.  What fun that was--she was biting
it--pulling it--rolling over--she is quite stubborn - good thing I'm
more stubborn than she is ha ha ha.

Chase, she just melts my heart with those eyes.  The boys just
love her too!! She is a lil chewing machine - I have the hands,
arms, feet to prove it ha ha ha.  Chase, go on my Facebook page
and you can see up to date pics of her.  She is a joy to our lives.  
She has the run of the whole kitchen & morning room. She is
eating 3 times a day-I think she would eat all day long if we let her.
She's a piggy when it comes to eating ha ha ha. She is growing
fast.  Her next vet appointment is in March 9th and we are thinking
about having her micro-chipped. Sheba is micro-chipped. That
would be done the same time she will be fixed. Honestly, if I
thought Sheba could handle another one I would get another
puppy lab (from you of course).

Sincerely, Laraine
Sadie has had a wonderful 1st
birthday now she's ready for bed